I taught myself Python in 2011, so I could start building apps that scratched my own itches. Here are some of the things I've made since then.

  • Gender Decoder is a tool to identify subtle gender-coding in job ads.
  • Shelvd is a reading logger inspired by James Bridle's Bkkeepr.
  • Diceware is a simple tool to generate strong, memorable passwords
  • Iteration Metadata was the missing statistics layer on top of Asana.

Food & drink

My growing geeky interest in what I consume has inspired me to construct a cocktail bar and a microbrewery in my home. I'm currently experimenting with a red ale made with hops which give a blackcurrant aroma; trying to perfect my porter before winter; making DIY tonic from scratch; and barrel-aging a Vieux Carré in a single-litre white oak barrel.

After trying many different ways of storing favourite cocktail recipes, I've started using these recipes cards that I designed and printed onto Moo business cards.

Other things

In the run up to Pride celebrations in 2017, I designed some stickers to commemorate the trans and gender-non-conforming women of colour who played such pivotal roles in early queer activism. If you'd like to print some of your own, here's the AI file.

A few years ago I did a workshop on photographing electromagnetic fields at the Science Museum. It was run by designers Luke Sturgeon and Shamik Ray, who have spent quite some time developing their technique. They use an app that detects and visualises electromagnetic fields using an iPhone/Android smartphone's sensors, and long-exposure photography to do a kind of light painting. Read more about their work here. Click the image below to see some of the photos taken by my lab partner Omar and me.